Lincoln Parish Library Events Center Policy


The primary purpose of the Lincoln Parish Library Events Center is for library activities, including programs and exhibits presented by library staff, the Friends of the Library or other organizations affiliated with the library. When the Center is not being used for a library activity, the space will be available to the public for rental for a number of uses. Access will be provided on equal terms, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting use. The library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of any group or individual.


• Persons or groups must submit a completed Reservation Request Form to library staff at least 30 business days before the event. The reservation is not complete until the form has been submitted and approved.

• Only persons age 21 and older, as determined by valid driver’s license, may rent the Events Center.

• Meeting room space is primarily intended for specific events rather than for regularly scheduled, on-going meetings. Use of a space with a frequency of once a month or greater will be considered a regularly scheduled meeting.

• Groups and individuals renting the Events Center space may not charge admission fees. No products or services may be advertised, solicited, or sold in library meeting rooms or on library property, except items from artists, authors, or performers in a Library sponsored event and vendors at conference events.

•  Educational courses conducted by non-profit agencies may charge fees for learning materials.

• Fundraising events sponsored by the Friends of the Library or other library affiliated organizations will be permitted.

• The parking lot is to be used for parking only. No activities will be held there.

• Events Center programs must not interfere with regular library operations. Undue interference could be caused by:

   ○ crowds  too large for meeting space available.

   ○ noise level of the group.

The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the Library does not constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the Lincoln Parish Library.

The Lincoln Parish Library does not discriminate in making its premises available for use on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age or disability.


Questions on reserving meeting or event space at the LPL Events Center should be directed to the Events Center Coordinator or the Director of the Library.


The LPL Events Center contains the following rooms that are available for rental. There is flexibility as to arrangement of the space and furniture in these rooms.


• Auditorium – The auditorium is multi-purpose and seats up to 340, with a raised stage-like platform, small backstage area with 2 dressing rooms, 2 restrooms, and one with shower.  The Auditorium can be divided into 3 smaller rooms, with the first section, the Dubach Room, having the platform and a drop- down projection screen with in-ceiling projector. The second section is called the Choudrant Room and the third section is called the Simsboro Room, each having a drop down projection screen with portable projector available.

• Grambling Room – This room is a blank slate with ceramic tile floor and a hanging artwork system around the walls. This room is 2,335 square feet and can accommodate 235 people in a standing reception, or 200 seated in theater style. Nothing can be adhered to the walls or floors in any fashion.

• Ruston Room – This room is 6,765 square feet and can hold 675 in a reception, 615 theater style, 340 in classroom style, and 500 in a banquet seating. There are tack board walls on two sides and a hanging artwork system on one wall that can be used to decorate or hang items, but nothing may be adhered to the wall.

• Catering Prep - There are two catering prep areas – a larger one on the north side of the facility (adjacent to the Dubach Room) and a smaller prep area on the south side of the facility (behind the Ruston Room.) Each are equipped with commercial refrigerators, icemakers, and commercial sink, as well as various counters and multiple receptacles for warming stations.


The renter is responsible for providing all personnel, materials, and equipment for a catered event. The renter must be present to accept any deliveries of food or equipment. The renter is responsible for quickly cleaning up any food or drink spills during the event and cleaning all prep areas. At the end of the event, the renter is responsible for cleaning the prep area to its original condition. The Library is not responsible for supplying cleaning supplies, except mop buckets and mops.

Audiovisual and electronic services equipment is available for an additional charge (specified in the Fee Schedule). Customers may bring in their own presentation devices, but the Library accepts no responsibility or liability regarding the operation, use, care, or safety of personally supplied equipment. Laptop and Notebook computers are permitted and can be attached to Library data networks or the wireless network for presentation purposes. Wireless internet is available at no charge. If assistance is needed with any equipment or with lighting issues, it is the responsibility of the renter to contact the Events Coordinator and receive instructions at least 3 days prior to the event.





Fees are set by the Library Board of Control and are reviewed regularly. Fees are subject to change without notice. However, scheduled events will not have fees changed.

Payments should be made out to the Library Events Center.  All fees must be paid in full at least 30 days prior to event. Payment may be cash, money order, check, or credit card (Visa & MasterCard). If there are insufficient funds to cover a check, a fee of $55.00 will be assessed.

A deposit will be required on all reservations. If the facility is left in the same condition as when rented, the deposit will be returned to the renter. If warranted, deposit will be refunded no later than 30 days after scheduled event.

Bookings and Cancellations

To reserve space in the Library Events Center, a Reservation Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Events Center Coordinator and approved by the Director.

Space is booked on a first reserved, first served basis.  Requests should be submitted at least 30 days in advance of each reservation date.  A completed request form is required for each date, unless a single event is held on consecutive days. A submitted request form does NOT constitute a guaranteed reservation.

The Library will take precedence in reserving space for its own events.

The hours booked should include time for setup and cleanup of the space being used. The person or organization using the facility is responsible for their own setup and takedown. The Library will provide clean facilities before any meeting or event, excessive cleaning of meeting and event spaces or public restrooms during or after an event and/or event ending later than scheduled usage time, will result in a deduction of fees from the deposit. The renter is liable for any damages to equipment and/or facilities of the Events Center due to negligence of any person participating in the scheduled event.

A full refund will be granted only if cancellation occurs more than 30 days in advance of the scheduled event. Twenty-five percent of the rental fee will be refunded if cancellation occurs within 14-30 days of the event. The rental fee is non-refundable if cancellation occurs less than two weeks before the event. Refunds will be made within 30 days of cancellations.




The renter is responsible for any publicity of their event. Publicity materials may not list nor imply the Lincoln Parish Library is a co-sponsor of an event or meeting unless the event has been officially approved and designated by the Library as such.

Library phone numbers may not be listed for information on any event. The Library requires that all printed materials, press releases, posters, and other information regarding the event include a contact phone number and return address for the organization or individual booking the room.

The renter should not issue invitations or press releases until the reservation request form has been approved by the Library Director and all fees are paid in full.  The use of the Library’s logo is prohibited.




• All events held at the Events Center must be conducted in an orderly manner and in full compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and the Library Code of Conduct. Activities associated with events must not interfere with the regular operation of the Library.

• All decorations, including materials used to attach them, must be approved by the Events Center Coordinator. Please see the Events Center Coordinator for details and specifics.

• Prohibited items include, but are not limited to confetti, helium-filled balloons, stickers, hay or straw, glitter, rice, bubbles, fog, and/or smoke machines, pyrotechnics or fireworks.

• Nothing may be hung from the ceilings or lighting tracks.

• Painting is not allowed inside the Events Center or anywhere on library premises.

• If any artwork is on display, it may not be removed for any event.

• Liability insurance for special events, caterers, and other ancillary services scheduled in Library space is required. Parameters of insurance are available from the Events Center Coordinator or Director.

• The Library assumes no liability for theft or damage of personal effects brought onto library property or for injuries, which occur as a result of actions of sponsors or participants in activities in the Events Center.

• No tobacco products of any type or form are permitted to be used in any part of the Library.

• Firearms and animals (except service animals) are prohibited.

• Alcohol for consumption in any form is prohibited on library property.

• Tipping library employees is not permitted.

• Security may only be hired through the Library and the requirements for security officers will be determined prior to the events. Security will remain during and immediately following an event. The number of officers required will be determined by the Events Center Coordinator or Director.

• Food is allowed in all Events Center areas at any time the spaces are in use, with the exception of drinks/foods containing red dye.

• Dancing is only allowed in the Ruston Room on the vinyl floor.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

• The Events Center Coordinator must be notified of any and all deliveries, including date and time, at least 2 days prior to the event date. The Library does NOT provide storage facilities prior to or after any event.

• The renter/organization is responsible for their set-up and take-down. The Library expects the renter to clean-up at the conclusion of the event, including placing trash in receptacles provided, removing all personal effects, equipment, and decorations, and leaving the space as clean and orderly as possible.

• All events must end by 10:00 pm to permit time for clean- up. The building must be vacated by all parties, including caterers, no later than 11:00 pm, unless approved in advance. There will be additional charges for events that go beyond the scheduled time and those charges will be deducted from the deposit.




The Lincoln Parish Library Board of Control reserves the right to make changes, additions, or deletions to this policy as they deem necessary. Any requests for facility usage not covered in this policy should be referred in writing to the Director of the Lincoln Parish Library and the Lincoln Parish Library Board of Control.

Approved by the Library Board of Control – July 21, 2010.

Reviewed and revised – June 6, 2017.