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Lincoln Parish Library - Ruston LA 71270 Library Policies


It is the policy of the library to provide a safe and appropriate environment for library users of all ages. The library is, however, a public building and staff cannot know if children are leaving the building with parents or with strangers, or even by themselves. The library is not equipped, nor is it the library's role, to provide long term or short term care for children of any age. In order to better assure the safety of minor children, the following policies have been established.

  • For children under the age of six, a parent, guardian, or responsible childcare provider who has attained the age of 17 must be in the same area of the library as the child at all times.
  • Children six through nine years old must have a parent, guardian, or responsible childcare provider who has attained the age of 17 in the building at all times.
  • No minor child should be left at the library for long periods of time without a parent in the building. 'Minor Child' is defined as an individual who has not attained the age of 17.
  • All minor children must be picked up before the library closes. The staff cannot leave the library open beyond the announced closing time.
  • Library patrons of all ages who disrupt library services, disturb other library patrons or the staff, who damage library property will be asked to leave the building. When the patron is a minor child they will be asked to leave with the parent.

Approved by Lincoln Parish Library Board of Control 10/21/03



Lincoln Parish Library is supported by the taxes of the citizens of Lincoln Parish, who expect the library to be a clean, comfortable, and safe place for selecting materials, reading, researching, studying, writing, and attending programs and meetings. To this end, the Library Board of Control is responsible for establishing rules of conduct of protect the rights and safety of Library patrons and staff and for preserving and protecting the Library's materials, equipment, facilities, and grounds.

Enforcement of these rules will be conducted in a fair and reasonable manner. Patrons conducting themselves in an unacceptable manner will be asked once to modify their behavior or, upon failure to do so, to leave the Library. Failure to comply with the policy could result in removal from the premises and exclusion from the Library for a period of time to be determined by the Director. Police will be called if there is not compliance or if the staff feels in any way unable to handle the situation or feels threatened.

The following are examples of conduct not allowed on Library property:

  • Abuse, vandalism, or inappropriate use of library facilities, equipment, or materials
  • Being under the influence of alcohol/illegal drugs and selling, using or possessing alcohol/illegal drugs.
  • Harassment - physical, sexual, or verbal abuse in any form of patrons or staff.
  • Excessive noise or noise which disturbs others, including audible devices without headphones or with headphones set at a volume which disturbs others.
  • Using cell phones except in library foyer (phones should be set to silent mode).
  • Carrying firearms and dangerous weapons of any type (except by law enforcement officers).
  • Soliciting or conducting surveys not authorized by the Library.
  • Consuming food or beverages in public area of the Library other than meeting rooms.
  • Smoking, chewing, or other tobacco use in Library facilities.
  • Rollerblading, skating, or skateboarding anywhere on Library grounds. Bicycles are not allowed in the building. There is a bike rack provided outside.
  • Entering the Library without shirt and/or shoes, with offensive body odor or hygiene, or being dressed in a manner that is disruptive to the Library environment.
  • Bringing pets or animals (other than service animals) into the Library, except as authorized by the Director.
  • Loitering.
  • Littering.
  • Sleeping.
  • Fighting or challenging to fight, horseplay, running, pushing, grabbing, shoving, or throwing items.
  • Using profane language.
  • Excessive displays of affection or sexually inappropriate conduct.
  • Unauthorized removal or attempted removal of materials.
  • Neglecting to provide proper supervision of children. Children under the age of six (6) must be accompanied by an adult or guardian at all times. (See Unattended Children Policy).
  • Any behavior that presents an eminent danger to the life or safety of others, including intentional non-emergency activation of alarmed exits, fire alarms, etc.

Individuals identified by the Lincoln Parish Library staff as exhibiting unacceptable behavior will be asked to modify their behavior or to leave the facility. Repeat offenders, or those whose behavior is considered violent or threatening, may be barred from future library use. The Lincoln Parish Library assumes no responsibility for minor children. Parents/guardians retain full responsibility for minor children under all circumstances. Proper authorities will be notified as deemed necessary by Library staff.

Approved by the Lincoln Parish Library Board of Control 11/15/06



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